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La Course awaits Bigla in France

La Course erwartet Bigla in Frankreich

On Friday, La Course by Le Tour de France returns for another year. This year’s parcours features 121km of racing around Pau over five laps of a hilly circuit. Each lap contains two climbs each, the Côte de Gelos and the ...

Review of Bigla’s Giro Rosa

Rückblick auf den Giro Rosa

The 30th edition of the Giro Rosa was a challenging one, but the Bigla riders, four of whom had never participated in this race before, arrived in Italy motivated and ready to take on the ten days of racing. Already on t ...

Giro Rosa comes to a close in Udine

Letzte Etappe des Giro Rosa in Udine

The final stage of this year's Giro Rosa led the riders from San Vito al Tagliamento to Udine. On the way, after 65km in the saddle, an intermediate sprint was contested Mereto di Tomba. The final ascent, the 5km-long Mo ...

Bigla extends sponsorship agreement for 2020

Bigla verlängert Sponsoringvertrag für 2020

We are pleased to announce that Bigla has extended its partnership with our team. Bigla has been a valued partner of our team since 2005, during which time it has been a steadfast supporter of our goal of developing ride ...