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Lizzy Banks’ diary from the Bigla Partner & Performance Camp

Lizzy Banks’ diary from the Bigla Partner & Performance Camp

Lizzy Banks’ diary from the Bigla Partner & Performance Camp

Day 1: Arrival at Partner & Performance Camp

Half of the riders and staff came directly from racing the Vuelta Valenciana in the morning. We arrived at the hotel and headed out on a nice easy recovery ride whilst the mechanics and soigneurs got everything setup for us so we were all ready to go for the rest of the week. We were joined later by three more riders, and the remainder of the staff and spent the evening getting to know one another and very excitedly sorting through our kit drop from Endura!


Day 2: Photoshoot day

In the morning we headed out on our shiny new Chapter2 bikes to the Val D’ebo climb for a photoshoot with group and individual shots to show off our striking new kit design and new bikes and components. It was a great chance to have a relaxed ride on the bike and really get to know each other and how we all ride. It was great to see so much laughter in the team after only 24 hours together! In the afternoon we had individual rider headshots with Velofocus before all heading off for massage with our team soigneurs.


Day 3: Long training ride SCV recon

On the menu in the morning was a long training ride which included a recon of part of the Setmana Ciclista Valenciana route, which we will be racing next week. We spiced up the ride a little by having a couple of races up the climbs! Friendly competition and some hard training! We were joined in the evening by some of the team’s partners, Endura, Chapter2, Rotor and GebioMized. After dinner we had a compelling presentation from Chapter2, where we learnt about the history of the company and their passion for cycling. It was so interesting to hear about how this small and innovative brand with roots in New Zealand is really making waves in the bike industry across the world with their eye catching designs and hi-spec frames. I felt even more privileged to be riding these frames and representing their brand after hearing their story!

The team goes for a spin on the roads of Spain at camp


Day 4: Bike fitting and video shooting

This morning we had a chance to spend some time with the team’s partners and learnt more about the products we will be using. We all had a saddle fitting session with GebioMized using their pressure mapping technology to ensure we got the perfect fit. In the afternoon we went out riding and were joined by Endura’s film crew before we all got together for a team stretching session. After dinner we had a great presentation from Rotor where we learnt about the 2InPower cranks and oval chainrings that we will be using this year. We had a demonstration showing how using the oval rings and altering their position to fit the rider can eliminate the dead spots in your pedal stroke and increase your efficiency. I will always say yes to free watts! Finally, we had another presentation from Endura, discussing in detail each piece of kit that they have provided for us and learning about the technical elements of the clothing. It’s safe to say we are all pretty excited about all the equipment we are using this year!


Day 5: Long ride to recon parts of SCV

Thursday was a chance to ride another part of the upcoming Setmana Ciclista Valenciana route. We kept our foot on the gas all day and had a really good long hard ride! We were more than happy to get back to the hotel for massage and a nice big dinner!


Day 6: Rest day

Friday was an easy recovery day, we had an easy ride along the coast in the morning and spent the rest of the day chilling out and having massage.


Mikayla Harvey and teammate Leah Thomas getting to know each other at team camp

Mikayla Harvey and teammate Leah Thomas getting to know each other at camp


Day 7: TTT time

Today was a split day with a long training ride in the morning followed by lunch and a quick nap! Then the afternoon was a chance for us all to get familiarised on our new TT rigs and ensure we were happy with the position. We also started some TTT practice which was a new discipline for many of the riders in the team. Even over a couple of hours it was so good to see everyone’s confidence increase on the TT bikes and in TTT formation and I’m excited to see how the team progresses.


Day 8: Long endurance training ride

Sunday was not a day of rest for us as a 160km ride was on the menu! It was a really good chance to get a solid endurance ride in before we take a couple of days rest leading in to our first stage race of the season. When we arrived back from our ride, we were joined by Vittoria, which is the team’s wheel and tyre partner. Then it was time for dinner, and as a treat after a hard weekend of training we ordered a few huge Paellas! Delicious 🙂