Pro Cycling Team
Ann-Sophie Duyck

Ann-Sophie Duyck

171,2 cm

59,5 kg


Place of birth
Roeselare, Belgium

Date of Birth
23 July 1987

A description of the kind of rider you are
TT and all round

What are your strengths on the bike?
TT and all-rounder. I try to be a good cyclist on all different kind of terrains (flat, classics, hills etc).

What’s the most significant (good or bad) thing that has happened to you during your career?
Meeting my partner Casper, it changed my life and cycling career completely in a positive way!

Who inspired you to start cycling?
No one in particular, but I caught the ‘cycling microbe’ while watching the Tour de France with my grandfather.

What interests do you have away from cycling?
Animals, healthy lifestyle, healthy food and cooking, wine (both Italy and Australia are my favourite wine countries) and exploring the world with Casper.