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Cecilie Uttrup LUDWIG

Cecilie Uttrup LUDWIG

168 cm

53 kg


Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (DEN) of Cervélo-Bigla Cycling Team ponders the happenings of Stage 2 of the Setmana Ciclista Valenciana - a 115 km road race, between Castello and Vila-Real on February 23, 2018, in Valencia, Spain. (Photo by Balint Hamvas/

Place of birth
Frederiksberg, Denmark

Date of Birth
23 August 1995

A description of the kind of rider you are:
I consider myself an all-rounder. I can do a good TT as well as a sprint. Technical difficult and wet courses are among my favourites. But my clear preference is hard terrain, especially hills.

What are your strengths on the bike?
I do best when the race is hard. A long hard and hilly race is what I like 😉

What’s the most significant thing that has happened to you during your career?
The best thing about my career is that I keep learning new things about myself. Especially when I am under pressure during a race.

Who inspired you to start cycling?
In the local newspaper, there was an article from the local bicycle club. They were celebrating a 90 year birthday and invited new possible members to come down for a talk. They were so friendly and lent me all the necessary equipment and clothing to start cycling. If I had mechanical problems with my bike, 6 men would stand around the bike trying to fix it all at once. I have never been received that well before and that might also be why I continued 😉

What interests do you have away from cycling?
Math, acting, dancing, food, family and friends.