Pro Cycling Team





Place of birth
Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of Birth
21 October 1993

A description of the kind of rider you are:
I am a hard working team player, good climber and I perform best on tough courses. I am really ambitious and motivated to grow, get stronger and improve every day.

What are your strengths on the bike?
I am a strong climber, but I also like time trials. I am really fascinated by the time trial discipline, and I hope to improve my skills.

What’s the most significant thing that has happened to you during your career?
Cycling is much more than just training hard; You also learn so much about yourself, mental and physical, and I am grateful for the friendships cycling has given me.

Who inspired you to start cycling?
I was a track runner before, but I was troubled by recurring running injuries. I tried triathlon but again I saw myself beaten by a stress fracture in my legs. I decided to try a local bike race in Denmark and after that I was hooked!

What interests do you have away from cycling?
I love spending time with my boyfriend and family. I am a huge coffee lover and I have a big interest in cooking and making healthy food. I have paused my studies in Human Medicine in Copenhagen to focus 100% on my cycling career!