Pro Cycling Team





Place of birth:    
Uster, Switzerland

Date of Birth:       
6 May 1991

A description of the kind of rider you are:  
I am a rider, who likes every kind of topographic and likes to support my teammates as much as I can.

What are your strengths on the bike?
When the weather becomes bad and the roads are slippery, that is when I  do my best races.

What is the most significant (good or bad) thing that has happened to you during your career? 
When I started with cycling, I did road and mountain biking next to each other. Now I can profit from many that I learned in MTB.

Who inspired you to start cycling?    
My parents always took me on cycle trips and when I got older, they could not hold my speed anymore. That was when my mother said: “There is a MTB-race in the next village.”

What interests do you have away from cycling? 
I like to be in the nature doing sports, like MTB, cross-country skiing or hiking. Reading is also perfect for the many travels we do during the year, since I am studying Geography at the University of Zürich the style of the books changed a bit 😉