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Uttrup Ludwig picks up another top result in Italy

Uttrup Ludwig picks up another top result in Italy

Uttrup Ludwig picks up another top result in Italy

Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig continued her fine run of form this season by placing third in Giro dell'Emilia on Saturday.

The race took on a flattish profile until the final climb made a big impact on the overall results. Uttrup Ludwig was aggressive up the climb and caught within the final kilometre on her way to a podium finish.

“The climb was steep in the bottom then flattened out and was steep again then flattened out again,” Uttrup Ludwig said. “We were told to wait wait wait but when the second steep part was done I tried and got a gap and there was no turning back, just full gas to the finish. It was a hard last kilometre. I went way too early. I should have waited because I felt really strong on the climb and the excitement got the best of me. I should have had ice in my stomach and played it cool.”

Uttrup Ludwig elaborated on the day’s events. “The girls were so good. Especially Nicole [Hanselmann] and Emma [Norsgaard Jørgensen]. The whole race was full of attacks and they were covering all the moves. They were like an army. It was great because, Sophie [Wright], Clara [Koppenburg] and I could save ourselves for the climb. Clara and I went down in a crash and I came back with Emma leading me out to the climb.”

The Italian weekend of racing continues tomorrow in Grand Prix Bruno Beghelli.

“Today was a good team effort and we’re excited for tomorrow. The course looks up and down and it might be a chance for our fast riders if a small group comes to the finish. We’re very motivated to end the year well and keep trying. It’s going to be good,” Uttrup Ludwig continued.