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Bigla ready for Emakumeen Bira

Bigla ready for Emakumeen Bira

Bigla ready for Emakumeen Bira

The four-day Emakumeen Bira stage race commences on 22 May with a 118km-long hilly stage. The start and finish both lie in Lurreta in the north of the Basque Country. Along the route, the riders will have to crest the 2.9km-long Artebakarra climb, which has an average gradient of 3.4 per cent, as well as the 1.5m-long Astoreka ascent, with an average gradient of 4.5 per cent. On the following day, the peloton will have to cover 112km from Aduna to Amasa. This demanding day in the saddle contains two climbs in the first part of the course, followed by hilly terrain and a steep final ramp with an average gradient of 16 per cent in Amasa. The race continues on Friday with the third stage, which will take place on a 100km-long parlours from Murgia to Santa Teodosia. The route contains two climbs at the end of the day, the latter of which is very steep at an average gradient of 9.4 per cent and a length of 2.7km. On the following day is the queen stage. It will be the longest and hardest stage, with 156km of racing around Onto in the central region of the Basque Country. This final stage of the race contains no less than four climbs, the last of which awaits the riders not far from the finish line in Onati.

Our team for the race consists of:

- Martina Alzini

- Elise Chabbey

- Mikayla Harvey

- Nikola Noskova

- Leah Thomas

- Sophie Wright