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Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team to be re-named Bigla in 2019

Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team to be re-named Bigla in 2019

Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team to be re-named Bigla in 2019

The Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team is pleased to announce that Bigla has once again secured the naming rights to the team for 2019. The team will therefore be called Bigla during the 2019 season.

Bigla is a longtime supporter of women’s cycling, thanks to its founder, Fritz Boesch. Mr Boesch is an institution in cycling in Switzerland and is credited for his passion towards the sport, a passion that has seen him support several athletes and organisations for many years.

Member of the family, Bruno Boesch said, “My father has always had the vision to develop young people. This is a value we share with the team. They have been at the forefront of developing the best young talent in the sport and we are looking forward to continuing in this way. The team has a track record of creating leaders. We have women leaders in the Bigla organisation that has taken the company to new heights. Bigla looks to give its employees the room to grow their potential. These are one of the many synergies we share with the team as they strive to develop leaders on and off the bike.”

Team Manager, Thomas Campana said, “It’s easy to do your job when you have organisations like Bigla who lead the way in long-term partnerships. They have been with us for a number of years now and continue to inspire us with regards to development and leadership. We’re an organisation that has incredibly high standards. We strive for excellence and a large part of this inspiration comes from Bigla in the way that they’ve grown the company to become a leader in Switzerland.”

Campana continued, “2019 will be an evolution for the team with more exciting announcements to come shortly. We believe we have a generation of cyclists who have incredible potential and we will be supporting them with our platform to see them become world-class athletes and people. This would not be possible without the support of Bigla.”

Bigla is a supplier of integrated room concepts for modern working environments and comprehensive solutions for care and hospital facilities. One of its key products is myBox. The system concept enables easy, individual configuration and is versatile to meet the needs of the user. myBox serves as a lectern, personal file cabinet or presentation base as well as a home bar or DVD rack. The team’s technical staff will be using myBox during the 2019 racing season to display how versatile it is, meeting the many unique needs of a professional cycling team.