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Doppeltag In Thüringen Rundfahrt

Double Day In Thüringen Rundfahrt

Doppeltag In Thüringen Rundfahrt

Day 3 of racing in Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen was broken up into two stages. Stage 3a was a 19 kilometre time trial while stage 3b was a road race contested over 78 kilometres.

Lotta Lepistö was the team’s best performer during the time trial by finishing fifth on the stage. The result moved her up to fourth on the overall classification. “It was very technical and windy. I had Carmen in the car on the loud speaker helping me through the course,” Lepistö said.

The road stage saw Gracie Elvin (Orica-AIS) take a solo win after 60 kilometre breakaway. Elvin got a maximum lead of close to 2 minutes and held off what was left of the peloton as the rain started pouring in the final

“I was a bit too behind when the last 500m climb started and got top10, I guess maybe 7th?,” Lepistö said. “The last 5km were really tricky while it started to rain with wind was like a windtunnel. I tried my best. Velocio was controlling the race but Elvin took a long solo win. It was a pretty hard stage after the TT. I had also a flat tyre after 30 km but had Vera was helping me back. I am really sad that Carmen had to stop the race but hope she gets well soon and be back on La Course.”

The race continues on Monday with a road stage over 116 kilometres.