Q&A: Clara Koppenburg

Q&A: Clara Koppenburg

Q&A: Clara Koppenburg

Long-time followers of Bigla will be familiar with Clara Koppenburg, who previously rode for the team for four years, where she learned the craft of professional racing. Following our announcement that the German rider will be returning to the team next year to take on a leadership role, we asked her some questions so you can get to know her that little bit better.


What are your strengths on the bike? 

My strength is definitely climbing. I really enjoy long climbs in particular, and the steeper, the better. In general I also like stage races, because I can feel that I get better day by day. 

Having said that, I also enjoy time trials. It's all about your own performance, how much you're willing to suffer and how much you can fight. A pretty amazing discipline when you think about it!


What do you want to achieve with Bigla? 

I would like to develop as a rider on a top level, alongside my teammates. I know that I can be up there with the best climbers, but so far I always lacked some explosive power and endurance. I would like to work on that and stabilise my performances.

Bigla will have a strong squad next year: every single rider has huge potential and I am quite sure that we can play many cards to create exciting races!


What inspired you to start cycling? 

The fact that you spend so many hours outside in beautiful landscape, while challenging your body, pushing it to the limits but also having fun and feeling free and content.


What interests do you have, apart from cycling? 

I really like doing other sports. I studied sport science and had the opportunity to learn different sports, such as rowing, basketball, track and field, and all types of winter sports. I think it's always fun to try something different.

I also really like spending time with family and friends, cooking together, playing games or just chatting.


What is a motto that you live or ride by?

"Life is a one time offer – use it well."


If you were not a cyclist, what would you be doing now?

I think I would be a teacher, probably in primary school. I love kids and enjoy teaching. In the past, I used to be a ski teacher and also helped younger kids in school, and always really enjoyed working with kids and helping them to learn new skills. 

And, in a few years, I'd like to have my own coffee shop!