Here's how Lotta Lepistö experienced the Drenthe race series

Here's how Lotta Lepistö experienced the Drenthe race series

So erlebte Lotta Lepistö die Drenthe-Rennserie

The biggest difference I’ve noticed last week compared to previous races this season is the size of the peloton. With almost 200 girls starting the races it’s such a fight to get to the front. Because of that you use a lot more energy and if you are in the front you have to fight to stay there.

If you're behind you are using energy to get to the front but better to lose more energy in the front than at the back. It helps being in the front as you save more energy if you know what is coming in the front. For example, if there’s some cobbles or hills you can anticipate it because normally the fight for positioning starts 5-10 km before already.

Drenthe Peloton

I was happy with my form that I could spend more time in the front than before. Unfortunately we still had a crash in Drenthe World Cup and lost two riders. The crash happened really fast. I don’t know what happened. I just found myself on the ground and saw that my bike was broken and realised that I could not continue anymore with it.

I was more worried about Shelley because she was lying on the ground for a long time.

For Sunday’s race I was worried I could not start after the crash but in the end it was good to start and have a good day on the bike. The race started and it was like a bomb went off. 14 riders went off the front and we missed the move.

We should not have made such a mistake but at least we had good teamwork with the girls in the chase group. We chased for 100 kilometres and it was good training for the team time trial 🙂


We didn’t stop chasing once. We all took turns and we didn’t doubt once that we could catch them. It was a special team effort because when we caught the break we immediately started attacking and Iris almost stayed away.

Drenthe Iris and Annemiek

We kept the gap at 20 – 40 seconds and just waited for them to get tired. The big improvement in our team so far is our communication. It is getting better in every race. Sometimes we don’t even need words. It’s also great to have Manel in the car because he is really good with tactics and motivation.

We have a break now and then will focus on the next World Cup. The team has been great and we believe we will have that first victory soon.

Lotta Lepistö