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La Course von Le Tour De France Line Up

La Course by Le Tour De France Line Up

La Course von Le Tour De France Line Up

As the Tour de France draws to a close in Paris on Sunday, the women’s peloton will again share the platform during La Course by Le Tour de France. The race will start at 13h30 and several broadcasters across the world will take a live feed.

The inaugural event last year saw several breakaway attempts and eventually the high speed in the peloton resulted in an exciting sprint finish. The team will be heading to the race with the same line up that’s completing ‪Thüringen Rundfahrt‪ this week where Lotta Lepistö won stage 4.

The Finnish champion has shown great speed work in the sprints all week and says she’s hoping to recover in time for the big occasion.

“I’m looking forward to Sunday,” Lepisö said. “I hope there’s enough time to recover obviously but I can’t wait to race there. I’m expecting a super hard race. Last year was a bunch sprint and the average speed was 45km/h. It’s a huge platform so the peloton goes all out to put on a good show. Last year I was just hanging on but I feel I have much better legs this year. I’m looking forward to it and if the men’s race is anything to go by, it should be a sprint and I’d very much like that.”

26 July - La Course by Le Tour de France
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  • Emily AUBRY
  • Lotta LEPISTÖ