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Moolman-Pasio Siebter In Chrono des Nations

Moolman-Pasio Seventh In Chrono des Nations

Moolman-Pasio Siebter In Chrono des Nations

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio lined up in Chrono des Nations for the first time in her career on Sunday. The South African national champion finished seventh in the one day time trial event that takes place in a distance of 20 kilometres. 

There was some confusion at the start as officials hurried Moolman-Pasio to the start after calling the wrong rider in her place.

"After my very stressful flying start, I think I did very well to collect myself and I rode a technically good TT," she said.

"There was a mix up, they called the wrong rider up and then last minute realised their mistake. It was stressful and I wasn't cleated in when I went off the ramp, so it certainly cost me some seconds. I'm very satisfied with my performance and progression in the TT this year. Last year I would have finished two minutes behind Emma Pooley, but now to be only two seconds behind a TT rider of her calibre and expertise, I'm super happy. The wind definitely played in the favour of the heavier riders today. Another great experience under the belt and feeling super motivated to do some work on my TT in the off season so that I can take another step forward next season," she concluded.