Rückschläge überwinden - Vera Koedooder

Overcoming setbacks – Vera Koedooder

Rückschläge überwinden - Vera Koedooder

On the 18th February, I gained a lot of confidence about my shape after a lot of hard training last winter. We did a training race with our team with about 150 men in Spain. I was in the very front in first 20 positions and I even did solo attacks and was very active. I didn't sprint to a top spot but for me most important was to test the condition, which I was very happy with.

Vera attacking

Vera attacking during a training race in Spain


The next day we went for a 3,5hr training ride and the last 2,5hrs I rode with a lot of knee pain. It all started, one of the most complicated injuries I have ever had.

I tried riding again the next day but had to stop after an hour of so much pain in the knee.

I went home and a frustrated 3 week period followed, testing & searching every day how to solve this, not knowing how long this could take. It's frustrating when the condition is good, but one knee is destroying everything.

The hardest part is waiting because you don’t know how long it will take to fix the problem. You have good condition but after one week off the bike you feel that this is slowly going away. Plus you are used to training a lot and suddenly it's not possible any more. In the meantime everybody is training and racing. All of this is going through your mind.


Back on the bike and loving every second of it.


The best thing to do is to be patient, which was hard for me because I am not a patient person.

But the thing that kept me going and fighting was friends, family and teammates. It’s good to see who your friends are through tough times like this. It’s a cliché but it’s true. My teammates kept sending me encouraging messages and the team was working hard to find solutions to the injury.

Since last weekend the pain is gone. I am able train again at last. Now it’s all about adjusting the mind again. I’ve told myself that it’s only March. The season isn’t over yet. I worked so hard last winter and it won’t be for nothing.

So I’m setting myself some big goals for later in the season. I know I won’t pick up the condition in one week again but I have my mind set on later in the season.

One good thing from all of this is that you realise how much you actually miss to train and race. Sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted but I can’t wait to pin that number on again.

Last week was super nice to have a normal training week again. It’s hard to feel that there is some condition gone, but great that I could ride pain free. I did some nice solo rides with efforts. I did some of it partly in the rain, just because I love being back on the bike.

Soon I won’t have to follow the team on livestreams and Twitter again. I will be part of the action, and with that, I hope results will follow.

Vera Koedooder