Pro Cycling Team


We are proud to be associated with the following partners

Bigla is a supplier of integrated room concepts for modern working environments and comprehensive solutions for care and hospital facilities. One of its key products is myBox. The system concept enables easy, individual configuration and is versatile to meet the needs of the user. myBox serves as a lectern, personal file cabinet or presentation base as well as a home bar or DVD rack. The team’s technical staff will be using myBox during the 2019 racing season to display how versatile it is, meeting the many unique needs of a professional cycling team. To find out more, visit their website here. 

Katusha works hard to deliver the next generation of cycling apparel and gear which will strongly enhance and empower riders once facing the elements on their bikes. Roll out with classy, highly technical, contemporary designed equipment which sets the true riders apart from the rest. Katusha does not build riders. They empower riders. They make no compromise. Neither should you.

Endura Ltd was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1992 by a keen club cyclist (Jim McFarlane) after his return to Scotland from a 14 month stay in Sydney.

CHAPTER2 was created by Michael Pryde inspired by his years of dedication to design and cycling. Chapter2, a relatively new cycling brand, says its quest is to create something unique that follows a road less travelled. A connection between Bigla and Chapter2 was, in part, established because the team is known for providing development opportunities for up-and-coming talents in women’s cycling. Check out their website here, and their Instagram channel here, for more.

ROTOR Bike Components comes from one of the nerve centers of technological development in Spain, the Aeronautical Engineering School of Madrid.

The basic idea of the ROTOR System comes from this school where some students developed the initial prototype in 1995. After the Head of the school approved the project, the University's Manufacturing Department helped with the creation of the prototypes.

Skoda Switzerland provides vehicles to BPCT but the company has a beautiful history in cycling. In the beginning of December 1895, the mechanic Václav Laurin and the bookseller Václav Klement, both bicycle enthusiasts, started manufacturing bicycles of their own design, patriotically named Slavia in the nationalist atmosphere at the end of the 19th century.

Andermatt Swiss Alps have an innovative concept which gives year-round visitors a completely new experience of mountain holidays making it the perfect destination for cyclists.

The many attractions at this destination include road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, winter sports, a 6-kilometre long 18-hole golf course, fitness and wellness centre for tranquillity and relaxation, convention facilities for business meetings as well as apartments available to rent or purchase. 

CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ceramic bearings. From our start, as the first company to introduce ceramic bearings to the cycling industry, the company has grown rapidly, now consisting of 2 specialised sales channels, focusing on cycling and industrial applications. We have more than 15 years’ experience in bearings applications, and have developed close relationships with our component suppliers over the years – each of whom is the very best in their field.

Enervit Sport is a complete line of endurance sport nutritional supplements, providing specific products for every step of performance strategy: before - to increase the availability of energy; during - to combat fatigue and after - for quick and optimum recovery.

Esportique is a Swiss online shop that sells high-quality sportswear and sports equipment.

Crossklinik provides medical services as well as performance diagnostics for the team. Being a Swiss Olympic Medical Center and further also the Chief Medical Officers of TREK Factory Racing the Crossklinik acts as a key partner for our athletes.

Clipless pedals have gained wide market acceptance since 1985 by offering improved safety features, more comfort, and reduced weight over traditional toe clip and strap pedals. Clipless pedals are easier to get in than toe clips, and they may be disengaged without compromising bike control. Speedplay is a world leader is this pedal system.

Out of our passion for cycling, Tacx support multiple professionals and teams. In addition, by working closely together with them, they are able to develop products that meet the highest standards. The products are optimized and features are added according to the pros’ feedback.

TUNAP SPORTS introduces a new product line that focuses on sport AND the athlete.  This is a unique concept in which bicycle care and body care products come from one manufacturer.  TUNAP SPORTS wants to serve the athlete and the high-quality equipment. TUNAP SPORTS products are for all bike enthusiasts; from daily bike commuters with city bikes to professional cyclists.

Since 1953 Vittoria Industries Ltd. has built highly reputable partnerships within in the cycling industry and created a unique brand image. Today’s Vittoria Industries Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, with an annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900.000 famous tubulars and cotton tires.