Wir werden von Nutrixxion angetrieben

We are powered by Nutrixxion

Wir werden von Nutrixxion angetrieben

The Cervélo Bigla Pro Cycling Team is proud to be fueled by Nutrixxion. Lotta Lepistö is a multiple Finnish national champion and the 2017 Gent Wevelgem winner. She had been using the product for quite some time on the team.

The first things I like about Nutrixxion is they have many options. I’m happy that they have gluten free options too. They’ve brought new flavours and bars in the last years I’ve been with the team and I have been using it for a longtime now.  

What I like is that the products taste good because we use up so much energy and we consume so many bars, gels and liquids through the year. In long races and training camps we eat so much of the product and Nutrixxion has sweet as well as salty nutty flavours available which balances everything. You don’t get bored or tired of any of the flavours. It’s fuel for us, I think it’s pretty important. Lotta Lepistö


Ann-Sophie Duyck is a time trial specialist who has won the Belgium time trial title for the last four years. She is a new signing to Cervélo Bigla and has started using Nutrixxion recently.

The products I’ve tested are quite good. The salty nut bars are my favourite. I like the isotonic drinks we have with the lemon and orange flavour. A lot of athletes don’t take enough care of nutrition, it’s important to have the right things available during and after training. Recovery is key to being successful and that means rest and the right nutrition. ­– Ann-Sophie Duyck


Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig is the winner of the UCI WorldTour youth category and Danish time trial champion.

The peanut chocolate and the oat raisins are ones that are really good for me. It’s important to get the right fuel and to get it at the right time. I’m looking forward to using the gels in races again. It’s important for the product to taste good because when you’re in need of energy really quickly in a race, it’s really good that you can enjoy the bar or gel because in racing you have to consume it fast. They’ve developed some really good products and I’m very happy. – Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig

For more information, please visit: https://shop.nutrixxion.com/de/