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Doris Schweizer Seventh In Gracia Orlova Opener

Doris Schweizer Seventh In Gracia Orlova Opener

Doris Schweizer Seventh In Gracia Orlova Opener

The Bigla Pro Cycling Team kicked off its campaign in Gracia Orlova with Doris Schweizer leading the team home in the top ten. The race stayed together for most of the day with no serious attacks getting away. The peloton made itself back to Štramberk and finished on a tough 2 kilometre climb into town.

Velocio-SRAM set a fast pace into the climb and were rewarded with the stage win and race lead through Alena Amialiusik. Monika Brzezna (TKK Pacific Nestlé Fitn) and Eugenia Bujak (BTC City Ljubljana) placed second and third, respectively.

Doris Schweizer

I am very happy with the result because it wasn't really a final which suited me so well. And I am very confident for the climbing stage tomorrow. We rode for Lotta [Lepistö] today but final was too hard for her so I just stayed on the important wheels. The team and especially Emilie [Aubry] & Nicole [Hanselmann] did a perfect job to hold me in good positions during a race with lots of crashes. This meant a lot for me and I had so much problems last weekend with positioning. With them I could forget my fear. In the final I was alone and unfortunately Caroline [Baur], Clara [Koppenburg] & Lotta had a crash but nothing happened and they were back in the bunch soon.

Manel Lacambra - Sports Director

Today we were involved in some crashes but in general our riders are ok. During the stage the team protected and helped Doris to be safe until the last kilometres. Especially Emilie and Nicole did a good job helping her today. The final was too short and explosive for Doris but she did pretty good arriving in top 10.