Get to know Niamh Fisher-Black 

Get to know Niamh Fisher-Black 

Get to know Niamh Fisher-Black 

Last month, Bigla announced the signing of the 19-year-old New Zealand rider Niamh Fisher-Black. Niamh has already competed in three races with the team this year, including the Giro dell’Emilia and the GP Bruno Beghelli, as well as the Giro delle Marche, where she finished second in the young rider classification.

We asked her some questions to find out more about her and what she hopes to achieve at Bigla.


What are your strengths as a rider?

My strengths lie in hard one-day races and tours, as I relish the tougher conditions. I like a race with a hilly parcours and I feel at my best on short to mid length climbs. 


Why did you choose to join Bigla?

Bigla has been a team which I have admired in the peloton for quite some time, particularly for their close-knit team culture and professional approach to racing. The team’s strength is apparent in their many successes in the racing calendar and the high caliber of riders that they have produced. I was also looking to be part of a dynamic team, as this aspect is very much part of the sport of cycling, and Bigla definitely offers this environment. I don't believe I have had the chance to completely show all my traits as a team player yet, despite having spent my first season in Europe this year. Therefore I feel excited and ready to seek out the next step in my career with Bigla, where I can see an opportunity to explore my potential in a professional environment, while also playing a role in a team of experienced and talented riders, from whom I also hope to learn. 


What are you looking forward to most? 

I am always keen to grit my teeth in a good race, so with Bigla I am most looking forward to playing my part within a cohesive team and doing by best to support my teammates in hard races. I have also always aspired to race my bike at a professional level, so I am extremely excited to get amongst the highest end of the sport at a competitive level and see what I can do there.


What do you hope to achieve personally with Bigla? 

To be able to develop at such a high level is a really exciting prospect for me, so I hope to make the most of this by focusing on learning the craft of racing, while simultaneously building upon ability as a rider. I’m really looking to improve in disciplines such as climbing and time trialling, and learning to read a race, as well as identify points in races that suit me and how to best use my strengths in these areas. Targeting specific races within a clearly structured season will be new to me, so it is something that I aim to carry out successfully. I have big ambitions in cycling, and I’m confident that Bigla can provide a vital step in that direction. 


What are your top results so far?

  • Second in the youth classification at the Giro delle Marche 2019 (with Bigla)
  • Fourth in the Elite/U23 New Zealand National Championships Road Race 2019
  • Second in the young rider classification at the Women's Tour Down Under 2019
  • Best-placed Club Rider Award at Lotto Thuringen Ladies Tour 2019
  • Queen of the Mountains at the Tour of the Reservoir 2019
  • New Zealand Junior Road Cyclist of the Year 2018