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Van Vleuten Blog: Update On Recovery After Crash

Van Vleuten Blog: Update On Recovery After Crash

Van Vleuten Blog: Update On Recovery After Crash

Two weeks ago Annemiek van Vleuten was hit by a car while training in Italy in preparation for the last part of the season. She sustained a broken collarbone, fractured ribs and a collapsed lung. 

I have less pain and I can do more every day. I can now do most of the normal things at home again by myself. Sleeping is still not the best because I cannot move and can only sleep on my back. But I can train on my citybike already. I’ve done 30 km twice now and the second time felt already much better.

I have to say that it is hard sometimes; it is so different now from what I had in mind for the last part of the season. I was so much looking forward to the last part of the season. With the preparation for the TTT, World Cup in Sweden is one of my favorite races and also Plouay and Ladies Tour and of course...the world championships in Richmond!! I was feeling super good in Italy, I was looking forward to race again after my altitude training camp. I was riding very 'easy' in Italy and that gave me a lot of confidence for last part of the season.

Now in one quick moment, one driver that did not see me coming, I’ve gone from being in top shape and ended up in a hospital bed instead of racing.
My first goal was to get myself out of the hospital in Italy. The next goal is to go on the bike again. I hope that that is possible by the end of this week. I have no pain on my Gazelle citybike but on the race bike it’s different. It’s not possible yet. But every week I set new goals for myself.

The collarbone fracture looks ok, and will heal fast. The ribs are painful and I also hurt my knee badly. The collapsed lung is ok now but needs also some time to recover completely. I was out of breath already during my 30km citybike tour to Nijmegen.

First I thought it would not be possible to return racing this season, but after I sit on my bike again without too much pain in 6 days after the accident, I started to believe again that it is possible to return to racing again! I’m in contact with the doctor of the team about what is possible and we said that we try to do everything that is possible and safe to return to racing this season.

I have to look how it goes day by day, but I hope that I can race in September again. That would be great.

Annemiek van Vleuten